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At Eight Cities Media & Publications, we create professional yet affordable Web sites.

Since each client has different needs depending on the product, service, organization or person being represented, we are flexible and offer fair, reasonable rates and charge only for what you actually need or want for your Web site. We offer discounts for larger sites, and long term site maintenance services.

Custom features and "fancy bells & whistles" are available should they be required or desired, however, they must be priced appropriately. Charges are based on the services and features that you actually utilize and we work closely with you to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

Please contact us soon to discuss your Web site needs.


We provide friendly and reliable customer service. Your new site should be up and running within

three weeks after we receive your information.

To begin, you provide us with information and graphics or enough background so we can create

an outline for the construction of your website. Your existing literature, brochures and sales

promotional items are a good start.

Here are some suggestions for your Web site content:

Company or Organization Information  

Company or Organization History  

Company or Organization News and Events  

Information Request Forms  

Branch Offices  

Directions or Instructions  

Price Lists  


New Product Announcements

"Meet the Staff"  

Press Releases  

Membership Requirements  

Constitution and By-Laws  

Programs and Activities  

Major Achievements  

Company or Organization Objectives  

Industry News  


Dealer Lists  

Company or Organization Officers  

Products Offered  

Services Offered  

Related Links  

Special Offers  


Order Forms and Information


Web Page Design / Layout Services

First (Home) Page

Additional pages

Text / Marketing / Design consultation

Typesetting of all text (up to 200 words per page)

Text must be supplied on floppy diskette. There will be an

additional fee if text is not supplied on floppy diskette.

One free text change per month.

Coded basic Horizontal Rules / Bullets as needed

One E-mail response link

Internal navigation links to other pages

One external link per page

Additional internal / external / e-mail links

Registration of your Home Page on 7 major search engines

Site is uploaded to customer's provided web space. (Normally with customer's ISP, Internet

Service Provider. Most ISP's give their users 2 megs of storage space free for a web page.) If a

customer does not have an ISP, we can arrange hosting for web pages, at an additional charge.


Please contact us to request a quote. Custom services are billed at hourly rates, with a half hour minimum. A complete quote will be provided after your request is submitted.

Website access counter setup

Custom JavaScripts or CGI ScriptsCustom

Choice of coded color Background

Stock Navigational Icons and Buttons

Custom Designed Buttons / Icons

Animated GIF Image

Choice of stock Graphical Background

Stock Graphical Bullets / Bars

Custom Graphics, Backgrounds, Image Manipulation

Client supplied images (GIF or JPEG format)

Graphic Scanning of photos or images

Basic Tables

Customer Feedback / Order Forms


Colored / Blinking Text

Additional Services and Site Maintenance

Search and analysis of related competitor sites

Periodic updating or website modification

Web Hosting arrangements

Domain Name Reservation

Do you have a domain name (www.you, your company, institution or organization.com, org or net) that you want to save so that no one else will take it? Maybe you have major plans for it in the future. We can arrange to reserve it for you. You will receive a separate bill from Internic for the registration fee to reserve the name for two years. You also have a choice of one, five or ten year domain name registrations. (Internic is the company that coordinates domain name registrations, but they won't let you have one unless you have a server to put it on - we can arrange that).

Please click here for our Web site price schedule.

Please click here for our Basic Services & Charges schedule.

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Please click here for more information.
We can help you establish or enhance your Web presence,
or provide you with other multimedia & technical services.

For more information, simply contact:
Stan Daniels, Editor
P.O. Box 9041
Jersey City, NJ 07309

E-mail: EightCitiesMAP@juno.com

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