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News From
The Coalition, Inc.


News  From

The  Coalition, Inc.

Friday 02January 2009

Volume 3, Number 17

The Coalition, Inc.  Board of Directors

Gary R. Adams,  President

John E. Churchville,  Treasurer

Yvonne Haughton,  Secretary


Josephine Blow,  Patricia Coyne, Stanley Daniels, Tom Henry, Calvin Johnson, Angela Mohammed,  Abdul Malik Raheem

Table of content

For Our Children … 02

This Week … 04

Employment and  Training Opportunities … 05

Health Matters …08

Green Piece … 10

Grants,  Scholarships  & Instruction… 10

SpotLight … 15

Arts for Awareness …  16

Coming Up …18

Computers and  Technology … 27

A Hand Up … 28

On The Airways … 29






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Of all parts of wisdom the practice is the best. John Tillotson















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A man goes  to a bank and asks for a loan.
 The banker looks at him suspiciously and asks 'do you have any collateral?'.
 The man asks 'What is collateral?'
 The banker says any document giving title to your property like real estate,  vehicles etc. You have to give this to us so that we have assurance that you  will pay back the money we give you.
 The man gives some collateral and takes the loan.

 After some time the man appears and pulls out a huge wad of cash, takes out a  few bills and pays off his loan.
 The banker looks at the huge wad of cash remaining and asks 'why do you carry  so much cash, if you deposit it with us we will give interest'.
 The man looks suspiciously at the banker and says 'Do you have any  collateral, so that I have assurance that you will pay it back?'



















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Volunteers are still needed to help organize the first  INTER-FAITH COMMUNITY
 SURVIVAL SUMMIT to be held in the city of Philadelphia. For information or to  volunteer or register as a representative for your place of worship, call  215.387.2734 or email:















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We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each  experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do  that which we think we cannot.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt.










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No one is more cautious than a first-time parent, and our  daughter-in-law was an extremist. After our granddaughter was big enough to  ride on the back of her bicycle, she bought a special carrier with a seat  belt and got her a little helmet. The day of the first ride she put her in  the seat, double-checked all the equipment, wheeled the bike to the end of  the driveway, carefully looked both ways and, swinging her leg up over the  crossbar, accidentally kicked the child in the chin.












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I  have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, and compassion. These  three are your greatest treasures.Lao Tzu



















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I just got fired, but the boss wrote me a really nice recommendation  letter. He wrote, “If you get (this guy) to work for you, you’ll be lucky!”






























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The Raw Family Newsletter

























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Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald.







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We will be SpotLighting members and organizations. If you  wish to have your organization spotlighted, forward to us information on your  primary mission, your current projects and/or how you would want other  members of The Coalition, Inc. to be involved. Many of us are already being a  support to one another, but there is plenty of room for improvement.








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A young woman, upon being  stopped for speeding, waited rather impatiently for the officer to approach  her car. When the officer requested the proper documentation, she responded  angrily, “You people are idiots! Yesterday you took my license, and today you  want me to show it to you.”



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As noted by the folks at the NLNA  there is a site on which you can enter  your address or zip code and get information (news, crimes, historical  pictures) about that particular area.


You can access the main site  for Philadelphia via    and  enter your address or zip or neighborhood to get more information.














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All great achievements require time.
Maya  Angelou































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One day, a dog comes into a butcher’s shop,  naturally the butcher grabs a broom and shoos it out. But, the dog returns  and the butcher notices a $20 bill in its mouth. So the butcher fills a bag  with meats and hands it to the pooch. The dog turns and leaves. Since it was  about closing time, the butcher decides to follow the dog. The dog walks down  the street and stops at the crosswalk, hops up and presses the crossing  button, waits for the light, and proceeds across the intersection with the  butcher in close pursuit.

The dog goes to a bus stop, checks the  schedule, and sits down to wait. The butcher is reeling in disbelief.

Along comes a bus, the dog checks the  route number, and goes back to his seat on the bench. Another bus comes; the  dog checks the route number and proceeds to board. The butcher, mouth agape,  follows the dog aboard the bus. A short while later, the dog stands on its  hind legs to reach the stop signal. The dog gets off, the butcher in tow, and  proceeds to a house about halfway down the block.




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The dog places the bag on the stoop, walks  back a few yards and launches itself at the door. Whap! There’s no response  at the door, so the dog repeats the maneuver. No answer. The dog then walks  around to the side of the house, stands up to a window and proceeds to bark and  bang its head against the glass. Then it returns to the front door, sits and  waits.

The butcher watches as a big guy in a  rumpled t-shirt opens the door and starts yelling at the dog.

The butcher runs up to stop the guys.  “What are you doing? This dog is a genius. It could be on TV, for Pete’s  sake!” “Genius my eye,” said the angry man, “This is the second time this  week he’s forgotten his key!”



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Ever  wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?
 John Mendoza










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Asking  “Who ought to be the boss?” is like asking “Who ought to be the tenor in the  quartet?” Obviously, the man who can sing tenor… Henry Ford











































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My  elderly grandmother was famous for her quick wit. Once, at a family event, my  sister's date asked if he could bring her a drink.

 "Yes. A Manhattan," Grandmother said.

 "Okay, but you can't be our designated driver," the young man  joked. "Oh, I don't drive. Never did."

 "Why is that?" he asked.

 "I knew that if you drink, you shouldn't drive. So I made the only  sensible choice."
























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The test of leadership: Turn around and see if anyone is  following you…



































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Word Of The Week

perdurable  \pur-DUR-uh-bul; pur-DYUR-\, Very durable; lasting; continuing long.











Greetings Coalition Family!


Happy Holidays to All!


Please take time for family and friends, and extend a hand  to those who may need a little extra from you.


On a more serious note, our brother, founding member David  Fattah, was hospitalized over the holidays, he is fighting his way back as he  always has. Friends and colleagues may visit him at/or send cards to Lankenau  Hospital Room 458, 100 Lancaster  Avenue West Wynnewood, PA 19096. His telephone number there is  610.645.2969, but please respect his need for rest.


The next meeting for the annual Week of Peace will be held  January 13th at Kingsessing Recreation Center, 50th Street and  Kingsessing Avenue at 7:00 pm. Organizations who wish to participate in the  activities for that week should have a representative present.


Family, word of our endeavors continues to spread. Through  Eight Cities Map, we are now reaching more than one hundred fifty-five  countries! Check out Eight Cities Map at


We want to hear  from you! The Coalition, Inc. website is open! This is our website,  let us build it together! Let us know what you think.  


Have a safe and happy holiday  season, see you next year!





“To sit back and do nothing is to  cooperate with the oppressor.”
-- Jane Elliot.



Music/Acting/Dance  after-school Program

for your children.

First they study  then they practice.


Mon thru Friday 3pm  - 6pm.


17th and Allegheny  - Geogoria Gregory Building.


Boys and Girls  school aged.


Please forward to  Family, Friends, Clients, etc.


I went to give  gifts on behalf of the Creative Kids Club and stayed for

the Program and it  was wonderful! The Children wrote a play, acted it out,

sang and danced and  they served us dinner, it was excellent!

Of course I joined  the Board (smile).


They also have  private lessons $18 half an hour and $36 an hour - Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday  6-8 and Sat 9 -2pm


Please call  215-430-0435 ask for Ms Joyce Drayton


Submitted by:

Virginia D. Smith,  MDT

Multi-Disciplinary  Team

Department of Human  Services

215-683-6380 -  Office

215-683-6867 - Fax

May God Bless You  Always in All Ways



You Have Something On Your Mind?

Being a teen isn’t  easy these days. If you need someone to talk to about issues that are  important to you...

Visit a Youth of Promise Drop-In Counseling  Center

You can get  on-the-spot advice from trained professionals who care and understand OR get  information about other local counseling services.


Also: Check out our  

After School Enrichment Program

Enrolling  Now!

Youth 10 – 16!

·       Get help with your homework

·       Learn conflict resolution skills

·       Receive adolescent healthy decision-making

·       Get counseling around issues important to you

·       Learn new computer skills

·       Have a nutritious dinner

·       Play games and have fun



Turning the Tide

Taylor  Tabernacle Church

425 So. 61st  Street, 2nd Fl.

Philadellphia, PA  19143




Myers  Recreational Center

5800 Kingsessing  Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19143






This program  provides parents with access to Familet, a computer service that allows  parents to track their children’s grades and test scores and to access  educational resources.

The program offers  parents training on how to access and use these services.

The School District  of Philadelphia has arrangements with several computer dealers to offer  parents who need a computer or internet access hardware and software at a  discounted price.

For  more information call: 215.701.6507







For My Daughter  Library

is a new after-school, Saturday and summer  time community based Library and resource center, which provides  programs and services for Daughters ages 8-14, and their families.


For My Daughter Library wants children in  the community to understand the importance of recycling and resource conservation.  In an effort to lead by example For My Daughter Library was created with  recycled furnishings, energy efficient lighting and up to date, previously  owned, gently loved books and materials. Even the interior paint is  Eco-friendly!


For My Daughter Library offers  opportunities to learn languages, access higher education and strengthen  environmental, family, community and self-respect and more in a safe,  girl-friendly and relaxed atmosphere for Daughters. And library membership is  FREE to youth ages 8 - 14!


Located at 6328 Germantown Avenue in  Philadelphia, PA, For My Daughter Library also offers physical programs such  as

Skiing and Dragon boat Racing and promote  health and family activities.

For more information contact Yvonne  Haughton  Or call 267-795-7811.



Online resources  for parents:,,



This Week…


Volunteer to ICON


Congratulations to  ICON for officially obtaining recognition as a 501(c)3 charitable  organization!  Many thanks to ICON's  treasurer, David McGrail, for taking the lead on making this happen.


Over the years,  ICON members have been very giving of their time by volunteering for  charitable events.  If you are  interested in donating money to support our event programming and other  charitable causes, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to ICON  as the year draws to a close.  Every  donation is appreciated and no amount is too small.

Please make your  checks out to "ICON | Philadelphia" and send to:

David  McGrail

333 Dawson Street

Philadelphia, PA  19128



Men's Breakfast and Fellowship


Join the men of  Oxford Presbyterian Church for

Breakfast and  Fellowship


Every First  Saturday at 10:00am

Oxford Presbyterian  Church, 8501 Stenton

Avenue,(corner of  Gowen Ave) in Mt. Airy,

Philadelphia, Pa  19150


There will be time  for meditation, information and

inspirational  events.


Bring your business  cards.

All Men are  Welcomed!



Fax (215)247-5496



Reverend Ethelyn R.  Taylor, Pastor






Free Auto Repair Training & Job Placement Assistance


Philadelphia  Automotive Training is now offering an opportunity to train

with a NAPA  CERTIFIED PROGRAM inside one of the Largest

Independent  Automobile Repair Shops in Philadelphia


Beginning January  12, 2009, FREE 10 week Accelerated Auto Repair Training and Employment  Placement to Philadelphia residents (male

and female), 18  years or older. Must have a valid PA Driver's License.


Upon completion of  the course, Philadelphia Automotive Training will give graduates $2,500.00  worth of tools and a tool cart to get started in their new career. 

Unlimited  opportunities to receive PA State & Enhanced Emissions



Course information  and outline available in our Google group at:


For more  information or to attend the Next Assessment Session Contact:

Philadelphia  Automotive Training

7446 Ogontz Avenue,  Philadelphia, PA 19138

215-805-1543 or  215-424-2331


Two Positions in Environmental Work


Environmental Fellowship - Philadelphia   Work for Progress    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United  States   Salary: $23,750


Green Jobs Coordinator - Sustainable Business Network of  Greater Philadelphia    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United  States   Salary: 40,000



Job Announcement: Outreach Coordinator  for Philadelphia


Deadline for  Application: January 16, 2009


Description: Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future  (PennFuture), a statewide public interest membership organization, seeks  qualified applicants for an 18-month, full-time position in our Philadelphia  office to serve as Outreach Coordinator for Philadelphia, coordinating a  local riverfront campaign and assisting in other outreach responsibilities in  the area.


Job Duties: The  successful applicant will be responsible for the following activities as part  of PennFuture’s Next Great City campaign:

-          Develop and execute a campaign  plan for creating public riverfronts in Philadelphia.

-          Build a united voice for  Philadelphia’s riverfronts by creating diverse coalition of organizations,  businesses and individuals to support and engage in the campaign.

-          Cultivate relationships with  Philadelphia City Council members, City Planning Commissioners, Philadelphia  Water Department staff and others within the city government who have a stake  in riverfront planning.

-          Educate residents about the  campaign and engage them in various activities.

-          Represent PennFuture and the  riverfront coalition in the media.

-          Create and disseminate materials  such as maps, brochures, reports and other supporting documents.

-          Provide assistance on general Next  Great City campaign, such as contributing to website and newsletter and  organizing meetings.

-          Generate support for PennFuture’s  policy campaigns in the Philadelphia area, and conduct other outreach tasks  including membership development and organizing special events.


Qualifications: The  ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the region and be positioned  to network easily within key constituencies identified (riverfront neighborhoods,  recreational groups, and developers specifically). Familiarity with  riverfront issues such as buffers, recreational trail development, and  ecological restoration is desired. Prior experience and demonstrable ability  for public speaking, presentations and community organizing required.  Proficiency with basic computer skills including word processing, e-mail, and  Internet applications required. The successful candidate must be  self-motivated and able to handle multiple tasks at once.


Specifications:  Funding for this position is only guaranteed for 18-months, however an  extension of this source as well the acquisition of other funding is  probable. Evening and weekend hours are occasionally required. Competitive  salary and benefits including health, life and disability insurance and  generous vacation is included. PennFuture is an equal opportunity employer.


To apply: Send  cover letter, resume, two writing samples and a list of at least three  references by  January 16, 2008 to  Christine Knapp, Director of Outreach at  




Girl Scouts sponsor  conference on healthy lifestyles


Girls from across  Eastern Pennsylvania will be energized and inspired to dream, set and achieve  their goals at the Young Women’s Conference: Voice of the Future/A Healthier  You, sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania and Independence  Blue Cross on January 10th.

The conference,  open to all girls in ages 13 to 18, even if they are not Girl Scouts, and  their parents, will allow girls to discover the range of possibilities  available to them in the areas of business, leadership, fitness, fun,  well-being, and Girl Scouting. The event has even been designed by a planning  board comprised of older Girl Scouts just for their peers.

Independence Blue  Cross will offer an International Healthy Lifestyles program, a fun-filled  interactive workshop where girls will learn about nutrition and physical  activity from a global perspective. Other organizations and businesses  including Main Line Models and A Multicultural Youth eXchange (MYX ), a  nonprofit organization working to increase tolerance among young people, will  hold workshops on topics such as yoga, fashion, and science.

The conference will  take place

Saturday, January  10th

from 9am-4pm at

Plymouth-Whitemarsh  High School,

201 Germantown Pike  in Plymouth Meeting.


The program fee is  $15 and includes lunch, a patch, door prizes and gift bags.

To register, go to:



SW Philly Community Health Day Planned

Explorers Sans  Frontières, United Concordia, Trader Joe’s, LA Fitness and AfriPRO will hold  a

Community Day  Health Fair on January 17th

in Southwest  Philadelphia.

The event will  feature a host of free services including health screenings and education;  social and nutritional services; dental screenings and education; nutritional  food items and fitness assessments.

Children can enter  a drawing contest for a chance to win a $25 gift card.  Free activities and cultural performances  representing, Arabic, Irish, and Indian dancing, calligraphy and henna  artistry, face painting and more will also take place.

The health fair  will be held from 9-2pm in Southwest Philadelphia at the

St. Francis de  Sales Parish,

47th Street and  Springfield Avenue..

Advance  registration is appreciated.


To become a  sponsor, call 215-219-9588 or go here:





Personal Trainer Stephanie G.

Will host classes for older adults and  seniors

EVERY WEDNESDAY ~ 10am - 11am.


FREE screening and educational information


No matter how old you are, exercise can  improve your quality of life

and you don't have to spend a lot of time  doing it to see and feel

improvements. Older adults and seniors need  to engage in cardio,

strength training and flexibility exercises  to stay healthy and

maintain as much strength and functionality  as possible.


Location: Camphor Memorial United Methodist  Church

5620 Wyalusing Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19131

Time:  10am - 11am




FREE screening and educational information.


Questions please call the church at:  215-747-2600


Cost: $3.00


Contact: Raveena Media Group 267-386-8204  ext. 2 or




The 2009  Philadelphia Sustainability Awards


The 2009 Philadelphia  Sustainability Awards are now open for



This year,'s Green section will profile the winners.

All nominations due  Friday, January 9, 2009.


Khiet Luong

Pennsylvania  Environmental Council

EAC Program Interim  Director

123 Chestnut  Street, Suite 401

Philadelphia, PA  19106

Phone: (215)  592.7020 x107

Fax: (215) 592.7026







For sustainable enterprise go to Green Jobs Philly





It is with great  pleasure that The Merchants Fund announces the

availability of  $500,000 for ReStore Retail Incentive Grants.  TMF will

present a request  for proposals on January 7th, 2009 at 2:00 pm at the

Center for Architecture,  1218 Arch Street.


*       Grants must  have at least two primary partners:  a  community

not-for-profit who will act as the grant and project  manager and a

future or current retail business owner.   New ventures and existing

businesses are welcome to apply.


*       The goal is  to upgrade or establish high quality retail in the

neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  Identified businesses should fulfill

neighborhood development plans.  Businesses must be located adjacent to or on a commercial  corridor.


*       It is  anticipated that 10 grants of $50,000 each will be made.

Grants will pay for capital improvements necessary to fit  out a retail

space for the identified business. Requests for operating  or working

capital will not be considered.  Grants will be very competitive and are

last dollar funds.   Partners will have to demonstrate the ability to

fund the entire project from start to finish including the  Incentive





*       RFP  presentation January 7th

*       Proposals  Due On Friday, February 27th

*       Decisions  within two to three weeks based on response volume


Incentive Grants  are being administered separately from TMF grants.

Application and  requirements and will be made available before January

7th.  TMF may chose to co-grant or not, based on  the qualifications of

the merchant and  the business. 

The next TMF grant  deadline will be

Monday, February 2,  2009. 

Stay tuned for web  updates and a detailed email.


At least one key  partner is encouraged to attend the RFP session.  We

will be taking  attendance.


Many thanks to the  Center for Architecture, The AIA Book Store and The Philadelphia Design  Collaborative for letting use their new space.  If you have not already visited the new site you will be  delighted to

explore this great new  location.


The Merchants Fund  is making this new program available through funding from the City of  Philadelphia Commerce Department.



For the Merchants  Fund





Young ladies living in Philadelphia, in  grades 9-12, from a single parent home.

The Ellis Trust  still has a large pot of money to spend on young ladies in grades 9 - 12.


They can give up to  $6,500 per student, per year towards

educational  assistance.


They give money  for:

* special school supplies such as graphing calculators,  lab equipment, books, etc.

* tutoring (must be recommended by counselor)

* college visits- group and individual

* sports equipment and team participation fees

* music, dance, theater and art lessons

* college courses

* after-school programs

* $100 toward senior dues

* college application fees

* ACT/SAT's and transcript fees

* CSS Profile for financial aid

* TOEFL and transcript fees


This is also a  great opportunity for young ladies who may have wanted to participate in a  summer program, but didn't have the funds to do it. If you know of anyone who  may be interested please help them complete the application at


Bernard A.Daniels

BMT/CHR 215-597-2354


Christopher Columbus Awards: Innovation Generation


Christopher  Columbus Awards: Innovation Generation

The Christopher  Columbus Awards Program combines science and technology with community  problem solving. Students work in teams with the help of an adult coach to  identify an issue they care about and, using science and technology, work  with experts, conduct research, and put their ideas to the test to develop an  innovative solution. Maximum award: a $25,000 Columbus Foundation Community  Grant and an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World to attend the  program’s National Championship Week, plus a $200 development grant to  further refine their idea, and a $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond for each team  member. Eligibility: middle-school-age (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade)  children; teams do not need to be affiliated with a school to enter.  Deadline: February 9, 2009.



Student Achievement and Learning & Leadership Grants


NEA Foundation  Accepting Applications for Student Achievement and Learning & Leadership  Grants Programs

Deadline: February  1, 2009; June 1, 2009; and October 15, 2009

The NEA Foundation (  supports a variety of efforts by teachers,  education support professionals, and higher education faculty and staff to  improve student learning in public schools, colleges, and universities across  the United States.

The foundation is  accepting applications for the following grant programs:

The Learning &  Leadership Grants program provides opportunities for teachers, education  support professionals, and higher education faculty and staff to engage in  high-quality professional development and lead their colleagues in  professional growth.  Grants to  individuals fund participation in professional development experiences such  as summer institutes and action research. Grants to groups fund collegial  study, including study groups, action research, lesson study, and mentoring  experiences for faculty or staff new to an assignment. The grant amount is  $2,000 for individuals and $5,000 for groups.


The Student Achievement Grants program  provides grants of $5,000 each to improve the academic achievement of  students by engaging in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen  knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve  students’ habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection.  Proposals for work resulting in low-income and minority student success with  honors, advanced placement, and other challenging curricula are particularly  encouraged. Grant funds may be used for resource materials, supplies,  equipment, transportation, software, and scholars-in-residence.

Applicants must be  practicing U.S. public school teachers in grades K-12, public school  education support professionals, or faculty and staff at public higher  education institutions.

Visit the NEA  Foundation Web site for complete grant program information.

RFP Link:

For additional RFPs  in Education, visit:



Sustainable video competition  Invites Sustainable Living Ideas

Deadline: March 1,  2009  (, an online community for sustainable living, has  issued a global call for personal green solutions. The Just Do One  organization invites ideas for more sustainable living summarized in short  YouTube-style videos.  The organization  will share the entries online, and the best video entry, as judged by an  expert panel, will win $5,000.

Video entries may  be up to three minutes in length. Entries will be accepted from January 1 to  March 1, 2009. Winners will be announced April 1, 2009, in time for media  coverage leading up to Earth Day.

RFP Link:


For additional RFPs  in Environment, visit:




Quality of Life Grant


Through the Quality  of Life Grant program, families that care for children and adults with autism  and other special needs may receive funding to offset their enormous  financial burdens. These grants provide families with stipends that may be  used for a wide variety of supports related to their family member.


To apply for funds




The Ron Brown Scholars Program

Seeks African-American high  school
 seniors to receive $10,000 annually for four (4) years to attend an
 accredited four-year college or university in the US. Deadline:
 January 9, 2009. Mail application,
 transcripts and recommendation letters in one package.

 For information, contact Ron Brown Program, 1160 Pepsi Place, Suite 206,  Charlottesville, Va. 22901; 434-964-1588;;




The House Of Umoja chose eight people to exemplify  Kwanzaa’s Nguza Saba (Seven Principles)


President Elect Barack Obama - Umoja (Unity) To strive for and maintain unity in the family,  community, nation and race.


World Champion Philadelphia Phillies players Jimmy Rollins  & Ryan Howard - Kujichagulia  (Self-Determination) To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for  ourselves and speak for ourselves.


Queen Mother Falaka Fattah (Belated Happy Birthday from  The Coalition, Inc.) - Ujima  (Collective Work and Responsibility) To build and maintain our community  together and make our brother's and sister's problems our problems and to  solve them together.


George Beach  - Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) To  build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit  from them together.


State Senator Vincent Hughes  - Nia (Purpose) To make  our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order  to restore our people to their traditional greatness.


Will Smith, Jr Kuumba  (Creativity) To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to  leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.


Rev. Dr. William A. Shaw Imani (Faith) To believe with all our heart in our people, our  parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our  struggle.







**** “Poetry & Praise Series” ****


***Calling All  Poets, Singers, Comedians, & Musicians***




The Place to be is  WESLEY A.M.E ZION CHURCH – 1500 Lombard Street, Phila., PA 19146

Rev. Dr. Paul S.  Hoggard, Pastor


***Live Musical  Band- “MTM” Many Thoughts of Music***


SATURDAY –  01/03/2009


FROM – 5pm to 9pm  $10.00 Donation

$5.00 Donation for  Performing Poets/Singers


HOSTED BY:  “CRUCIAL”- Also Host of Panoramic Poetry, Sponsored by October Gallery


Also Featuring:


Poetry By:  “SHYSTER”


Gospel Singers –  THE BROWN SISTERS


Vocalist – Angela  Davis


Wesley A.M.E Zion  Church – “Jubilee Singers”along with Charles Newkirk


DINNERS SOLD BY:  Brenda’s Soul Food Café



Community Of Compassion CDC

62nd Street and Cedar Avenue


Arts & Crafts like you’ve never seen  it!

Stampin’ up Craft Workshop

Hosted  by Monica Williams

The workshop includes:

·       Creating  Handbags, Jewelry

·       Embroidery

·       Greeting  Cards for family & friends

·       The use of  various stamping techniques that will challenge your creative side

Invite  your neighbors, family and friends

To sign up for these sessions

Contact Monica at 302.373.2813

Bro. Brahin Ahmaddiya 215.514.5535



“Panoramic Poetry” is EVERY 2nd & 3rd  Friday of the Month YOU MUST request to read, it is a Feature ONLY  List

Poetry Set


Where:   “OCTOBER GALLERY” – 701 Market Street Bldg., on the 3rd Floor.  “Ross Dept. Store” on Market St. Level. Mellon Center Bldg. This is Cheyney  University’s Center City Campus. Room # 319... Please enter from Market Street  or 8th Street Side entrance. 


When:    Every 2nd  and 3rd Friday 


What:     “PANORAMIC POETRY” -  POETS doing their thing – LYRICAL SPIRITS getting down.  {To view Previous Performances}



Jus’ Words at Dowlings Place

1310 No. Broad St.  Phila

Every Thurs. 9pm to  1am

·       Poets

·       Rappers

·       Singers

·       Spoken Word Artists

$5.00 cover





CIP Senior Center  Hosts Obama Inaugural Event


It’s going to be  crowded in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, January 20th when the nation celebrates  the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe  Biden, but you don’t have to fight those crowds – you can experience this  historic event at Germantown’s Center in the Park, 5858 Germantown Avenue in  Philadelphia.

CIP will show the  festivities on a big screen TV as Barack Obama takes the oath of office as  the 44th President of the United States of America.  Be a part of the historic moment.

Have your photo  taken with the President as you pose with the center’s life sized Barack  Obama cutout; play Obama trivia; share the occasion with CIP’s older adult  members and hear stories of other historic moments through which they have  lived; and talk about the impact that the President-elect’s powerful message  of change and hope for the future which his election has inspired.

Activities begin  11am on Tuesday, January 20th in Center in the Park’s Auditorium.  Light refreshments will be provided. 

The Inaugural Event  is free.

Space is limited,  so participants are encouraged to pre-register by calling 215-848-7722.

Center in the Park  is a community center that promotes positive aging and fosters community  connections for older adults (55+) in Northwest Philadelphia, whose voices  are critical instruments in shaping its activities and direction. 

CIP is accredited  by the National Institute of Senior Centers, a unit of the National Council  on Aging, as a provider of excellent programs, activities and services for  its active membership of more than 5,000 and its 1,000 homebound clients.

For more  information, visit the Center’s website:




The Enterprise Center and the Retail  Resource Network Present:


Accounting Workshop  for Retailers

(Click  Here)


Wednesday, January  14, 2009

from 6:00pm -  8:00pm @

The Enterprise  Center

(4548 Market  Street)


Learn how using  accounting software such as QuickBooks enables business owners to be more  efficient, productive, and accurate!   We will setup sample accounts and walk through typical transaction to  generate

financial reports  including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and

Accounts Receivable  Aging.


In this workshop  you will learn how QuickBooks offers these advantages:



*       Easily and  quickly create professional reports for management

use and tax preparation purposes.

*       Ability to  print checks, track sales, sales tax, and customer


*       Download  bank and credit card transactions directly into the


*        Automatically populate and print 1099s for independent


*       Enable your  accountant to review and make changes



Also, have a chance  to receive:


*       A free  trial of QuickBooks software.

* Discounted one-on-one advising sessions on tax  preparation and

bookkeeping with professionals.


The Workshop will  be led by Cory Ng, a licensed and certified public

accountant,  Principal and founder of CRNG LLC

(Click  Here)

 a professional services firm specializing  in accounting, tax,

and consulting  services for small businesses, non-profits, and



Space is limited to  20 people so register today!


Download the  Faxable Flyer

(faxable  flyer)

Or Register Online.


Join an Inspiring New Faith-Based Campaign

to Prevent Gun Violence


We invite  Philadelphia area faith communities

and community  organizations

to come together on

January 17, 2009

and be part of the  power of faith in action!




Join with other  Philadelphia area faith communities in a day of prayer, education and ACTION  as we:

Gather in houses of  worship to pray and learn together

Come together to  raise our hearts and voices in worship and song

Put our faith into  ACTION in a public march and rally



9:00 AM        Programs for adults, youth and children.  Prayer, workshops, presentations,  dialogue, art and more!  Multiple  houses of worship in the Philadelphia area (listed on back).  Go to to  reserve a seat and a lunch (free of charge) at one of these 9 locations in  the Philadelphia area.

1:30 PM        Interfaith prayer service at Holy  Ghost Church (The Met) at Broad & Poplar. Multigenerational program  featuring Dr. Vincent Harding, local clergy, youth performance, praise &  worship team.  Children’s program  featuring Charlotte Blake Alston.

2:45 PM    March and rally in front of  a local gun store notorious for selling  handguns used to threaten, wound, maim and kill. 

March begins at  Broad & Poplar.  Rally at 9th  & Spring Garden at approximately 3:30 PM.


Together we’ll call  for retailers of firearms to adopt a sensible Code of Conduct to dramatically  reduce the illegal trafficking of handguns.   This is the same code that has been adopted by Wal-Mart, America’s top  gun seller.


We’ve Got Work To  Do!     Won’t you join us?


For more  information email or call: 



Partner Faith  Communities

Host Programs, 9:00  am – 12:30 pm


HOST: Church of the Advocate, 18th & Diamond, Phila  19121

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: St. David Episcopal Church  (Wayne); St. Christopher Episcopal (Gladwyn); Christ Church Episcopal


HOST: Cookman United Methodist Church, 12th & Lehigh,  Phila 19132

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: St. Luke’s UMC (Bryn Mawr);  Narberth Havurah; Drexel Hill UMC; Hope UMC (Havertown)


HOST:  Chester  Student Center, 733 W. Ninth St., Chester 19013

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: Swarthmore Presbyterian;  Chester Eastside Ministries; TM Thomas Presbyterian (Chester); Providence  Friends Meeting, Grace Community UMC (Chester), First Baptist Church  (Chester)


HOST:  Arch Street  United Methodist Church, 55 N. Broad Street, Phila 19107

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: Frazer Mennonite Church;  Philadelphia Praise Center; White Rock Baptist Church


HOST: Arch Street Friends Meeting, 4th & Arch Street,  Phila 19106

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: St. Augustine Catholic Church;  Rita of Cascia Parish


HOST: Tabernacle United Church, 3700 Chestnut Street,  Phila 19104



HOST: Mishkan Shalom Synagogue, 4101 Freeland Ave, Phila  19128

PARTNER FATIH COMMUNITIES: West Philadelphia Mennonite  Fellowship; Wayland Temple Baptist Church


HOST: Green Street Friends Meeting, 45 W. Schoolhouse  Lane, Phila 19144

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: Janes Memorial UMC; St. Vincent  Catholic Church; Masjid Muhammad, NW Interfaith Movement; Germantown  Mennonite, Gladwyne Presbyterian


HOST: Noville Memorial Church of God in Christ, 800 West  Somerset, Phila 19133

PARTNER FAITH COMMUNITIES: Bryn Mawr Presbyterian;  Abington Friends Meeting


Sensing the leading  of the Spirit,

a joint effort of  the Church of the Advocate, the Church of the Brethren, Cookman United  Methodist Church, Mennonite Church USA,

Philadelphia Yearly  Meeting (Quakers), and more than 30 local faith communities.



Inventing the Future, Designing Our Tomorrow, Today! - Pt.  2


"Rebuilding  Communities from the Inside Out"

Community Building  & Networking Mini-Conference & Vendors Fair #1


Saturday, January  17 - 11am until 3pm


Trenton  Makes/Conduit Club/Planet Havana

439 South Broad  Street

Trenton NJ




Donations welcome  & encouraged ($5, $10, or $15 only)

Print this flyer  & mail:

Attn: Inventing the  Future, Pt. 2

We Are BOOST, P. O.  Box 104, Bordentown NJ 08505

Vending fees:  for-profit-$50 & nonprofit-$25

Call (206) 202-2883  for vendor inquiries or email

(limited to 20  vendors)


Keynote Presenter:  Dr. Renee Walker, Coordinator

Project Inside


Featuring  presentations by:

Amini K. Sababu -  Positive Black Images CONNECT

Harold Fleming -  Trenton Society of Friends

Amy Iseneker -  Horticulture Dept. of MCC Collecge

RJ Harper -  Garfield Avenue Chromium 6 Coalition, Jersey City & Documentary Film  Maker

Professor Alvyn  Haywood - MCC College and Moderator

Sa Mut Angela Scott  - Magical Mother Women's Coaching & Empowerment Services

Trisha Mandes -  Philly Eco-Kids and the Food Trust

Lydia Chambers -  Back2Tap

Yvonne Haughton -  For My Daughter Library, Philadelphia (Village Vow Library & Learning  Center, Trenton)

Patricia Harvey -  Complimentary Education Consultant

Caroline Mitchell -  YWCA Racial Justice Institute

Tim Razzaq - CEO  & Founder, We Are BOOST

Roland Pott -  Managing Member, Urban Word LLC & Trenton Makes LLC


Please RSVP to  attend by emailing,  calling (206) 202-2883.  Vendors,  email



14th Annual Greater  Philadelphia Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Pennsylvania, New  Jersey and Delaware

January 19th  2009


"Life's most persistent and urgent  question is:

What are you doing for others?" -Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.



Last year 60,000  people of all backgrounds and ages embraced Dr. King's legacy by turning  community concerns into citizen action. The Greater Philadelphia Martin  Luther King Day of Service is starting a new initiative for those in need  this winter. There are a variety of ways to make a difference. One easy way  that you can get involved is to host a collection drive or donate items to  help those in need.


We are collecting  the following items this winter:


Canned Goods

Coats In Good  Condition



Group and  individual donations can be delivered to one of the following drop off  locations.


Drop Off Locations:

United Way of  Southeastern Pennsylvania

7 Benjamin Franklin  Parkway

Philadelphia, PA 19103

December 1, 2008 -  January 16, 2009


Temple University's  Mitten Hall

1913 North Broad  Street Philadelphia PA 19122

(Located at N.  Broad Street and Berks Mall)

January 10, 2009 -  January 14, 2009


Temple University's  Liacouras Center

1776 North Broad Street  Philadelphia PA 19122

January 19, 2009


Click here to  download the donation drive registration form. If you have any questions or  would like additional information, please feel free to contact Kelleigh  Parker, at 215.665.2595 or via email at

With your support  we can help communities in need this winter



Free Weatherization

Training For Nonprofits

on MLK Day

Winter is here and  heating costs are an issue for many individuals and families, especially  those on a fixed income.  However, by  weatherizing a home and reducing the use of heat, homeowners and apartment  dwellers can save 5% - 20% in energy costs!

The Energy  Coordinating Agency will join with Global Citizen and the Martin Luther King  Day of Service to provide free weatherization trainings for staff of  nonprofit organizations on

January 19th at

Temple’s Liacouras  Center,

1776 N. Broad  Street in Philadelphia. 

The training will  take place from 8:30-10:15am.

and a second  session has been added from 10:30-11:30am.


Agency  representatives will be able to take what they learn about keeping a home  warm this winter and share it with their clients. 

No experience is  required to participate.

Participants will be  trained on basic weatherization techniques and conservation  applications.  Weatherization  activities will include installing weather stripping, plastic over windows,  and caulking around windows and doors.

A  limited number of window insulation kits and blankets will be provided to  each agency after the training. 

To  pre-register or for more information email Kelleigh Parker  or call 215-665-2595.




A Conversation


Danny Glover


Wednesday, January  21st, 2009

The 9th Annual  Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lecture in Social  Justice

Inaugurated in  2002, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture in Social Justice is  an annual event which highlights an individual or scholar of African descent,  who has committed themselves to social justice.


Actor, producer and  humanitarian Danny Glover has been a commanding presence on screen, stage and  television for more than 25 years. In 2005, Glover co-founded Louverture  Films dedicated to the development and production of films of historical  relevance, social purpose, commercial value and artistic integrity.  He has also gained respect for his  wide-reaching community activism and philanthropic efforts, with a particular  emphasis on advocacy for economic justice, and access to health care and  education programs in the United States and Africa.  Glover served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations  Development Program from 1998-2004, focusing on issues of poverty, disease,  and economic development in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  He is currently a UNICEF Ambassador.

5:30 p.m.

Zellerbach Theater

Annenberg Center  for the Performing Arts

3680 Walnut Street


Tickets are  required for entrance.

Tickets are  available beginning January 6, 2009 at the Annenberg Center for Performing  Arts Box Office, 3680 Walnut Street or via phone at 215-898-3900.

Tickets are  available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Seating is general  admission and limited.


For more  information, please contact the Center for Africana Studies at  or 215-898-4965.


Center for Africana  Studies

University of  Pennsylvania


Suite 331A

3401 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA  19104-6228

215-898-4965  (voice)

215-573-2052 (fax)



5th Annual Leadership Success Conference and  Seminar at Sea
March 13-23, 2009
Location: Panama  Canal Cruise with stops in Haiti, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica and the Grand  Cayman Islands. Travel aboard Royal Caribbean's "Jewel of the  Seas."

Relax and unwind while enjoying new destinations in the  company of old and new friends. Attend workshops especially designed to meet  your needs and interests.
 Call 215-877-4950 to request more information.





Free Computer Lab Workshops

In our workshops,  adults and teens will learn to use the mouse and keyboard like a pro. You can  create a free email account, practice searching the web for the information  or recreation, fill out online job applications, and receive practical advice  from a live instructor.

Lucien E. Blackwell

West Philadelphia  Regional Library

125 So. 52nd  Street

Philadelphia, PA



For more  information, visit our website at


Free Online Computer Instruction

See ‘Archives’ at


Free Computers For Schools
 (800) 939-6000
 Willie Cade, CEO
 Computers for Schools
 773-583-7575 Office
 773-583-7585 Fax






Our new group A HAND  UP! Is now open, please go to:


In response to the needs of many grassroots organizations  for the basic tools needed to implement their ideas and projects, The  Coalition, Inc. members have come together to establish a network to  facilitate the distribution/re-distribution of unwanted, unneeded, surplus  and even repairable items for recycling.

·       If you have office supplies, electronics, office  furniture, you are updating, or no longer use, free up that space by offering  them to someone who can get good use from it.

·       If you have office space you do not have an immediate  use for, offer it to home-based organizations for a few hours a week as a  meeting place.

·       If you have special skills such as grant/proposal  writing, website design/maintenance, or computer skills, please share and  educate others.

·       If your organization offers aid to the less fortunate  such as meals,

clothing, resume' writing, job  search, SAT/LSAT coaching, GED classes, scholarship help etc., share it here:


To join The Coalition go to: and  download a copy of the Pledge of Commitment and return it to us


Those in need of particular equipment, furnishings or  supplies are encouraged to join to this group ( to  inquire if others are able to assist.


Any group or individual may make donations, but  individuals who wish to request donations must do so through a member  organization.

Organizations are encouraged to post notices of ongoing  or special community service programs that are open to the public i.e. Food  Banks; seasonal clothing/toys; fuel programs, etc.

To post:


You may also offer or make requests anonymously through  the group moderators who will arrange pick up/delivery via a third party.

If you wish to assist others by making transportation  available for pickups or deliveries, please let a group moderator know.

To  join: A Hand Up!


Remember to support The Coalition, Inc.’s on-air  personalities…

NEW TIME! Straight Up WORD with Dr. John Elliott Churchville, Senior Pastor of The  Liberation Fellowship Church of Jesus, on WNWR 1540 AM, Sundays at 9:30am.  Dr. Churchville will explore the Holy Scriptures verse by verse for your  spiritual and practical edification, and “...liberation of the oppressed, and  social justice for the poor.”


WELCOME BACK! Civil Alert World with Brother Sabir Bey Saturdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm on WNJC  1360 AM. Also listen in on WKDU 91.7 AM Friday, 12am to 3am


Sister Phile  Chionesu, organizer of the Million Woman March, Saturdays 10:30pm to 12am  on Blog Talk Radio

“Nu Day  Resurrection and Liberation" Show 

Call in and give your thoughts, comments, opinions at  1-646-652-2232 

or send an instant message to chat on  line.  





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