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Friday 17 June 2011 News From The Coalition, Inc.

Greetings Friends and Members of The Coalition, Inc.,

Great News! Stan Pokras and the folks down at NTR built us a monster
of a computer. We shouldn’t have to worry about crashes and freezes
Just one thing… I’m just learning how to handle this new power… I lost
this week’s entire edition somewhere out in cyberspace. I take total
responsibility, so if you gotta blame somebody… blame Stan!

Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers and mothers who have to be
fathers too. Take a day off and let the kids do the menial tasks that
usually take up so much of your time. Let them do the cooking, and try
to eat it with a straight face.

Our free Community Improvement Workshops are back with a bang!
We try not to turn anyone away, but space is limited, RSVP now! Call
Michael Rice at 215.683.4027, 267.303.0653 or Gary R. Adams at
215.387.2734 to register or email
We look forward to seeing you there.

NEW! The next scheduled FUNd Raising with Kendall Hayes Thursday June
23rd! Ms Hayes has successfully raised funds for many organizations,
large and small. Come learn innovating techniques for your

Five years ago we convened an organizational summit to gather input
from local groups with the intention of creating an entity that could
serve to promote “Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration” among
those striving tirelessly to create a better environment and greater
opportunities to the disadvantaged, particularly our youth. The result
was the forming of The Coalition, Inc. network.

Now we are taking the next logical step in announcing the First
National Organizational Policy Summit to be held the second week in
September 2011. We are inviting Coalition members and organizational
representatives from all over the country to participate in the
setting of policies that will enable us to bring the combined force of
our network to bear on those problems and individuals who are
purposely or unwittingly inhibiting the progress of our efforts. Did
you have your funding cut? Have your elected officials ignored your
protests because you simply were not strong enough to get their
attention? What if you had a network of hundreds of organizations on
your side? Remember the ‘Octopus’ analogy… “We liken the struggle for
our humanity to fighting an octopus, an individual/organization
attacking one tentacle at a time is doomed to fail, but the collective
expertise of many individuals/organizations working as a team can
neutralize the multi-faceted threat and render it powerless.”
More and more we must realize that we need each other to attain our
ultimate goals, we must remain focused and open to new and different
ideas and methods. “Communicate… Cooperate… Collaborate.” The
Coalition, Inc. is committed to affecting real change in our
communities. If you are like-minded, see you in September. More
details to follow. Call or write to register your organization by July
John Elliott Churchville, Ph.D., J.D. Project Director
Tel: 215.848.8511 or
Gary R. Adams, President
Tel: 215.387.2734

I am told by insiders that major petroleum purchases are made by
multi-year contracts where quantities and prices are fixed throughout
the length of said contract! Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Why then
is there such wild fluctuation in price at the consumer end?...hmmmm

The Eighth Annual Weekend Of Peace will be held on July 29th through
31st 2011 at Eastwick, Kingsessing, Simons, 12th & Cambria,
Connestoga, Cobbs Creek, McVeigh and Christy Recreation Ctrs.
Lancaster, 60th Street and Chester Avenue Business Associations,
Althea Gibson Tennis and Education Center and the Episcopal Church of
the Advocate. Additional locations (TBA).

This is an invitation for your organization/institution/business to
participate in this ambitious project. We invite you to contribute in
whatever way you can, we also invite you to take advantage of our
broad platform and set up an exhibit outlining your services to the
community at one of our many event locations. Contributors and
Coalition members: free; Non-contributing businesses: (fee to be
determined). We reserve the right to determine which services are
healthy to the community.

This year we are asking that on Saturday, July 30th 12 noon, every
organization, block and concerned business participate by releasing
symbolic Balloons of Peace and offering prayer in memory of those lost
to the epidemic of violence in our communities.

Coalition members are particularly urged to be involved as The
Coalition, Inc. came into being as a direct result of community
leaders “Communicating, Cooperating and Collaborating” to provide safe
activities and a sense of purpose to our youth. This is not a one
weekend a year event. Programs are launched in recognition of
community needs, and existing programs are brought to the attention of
those people whom they are designed to serve. For more information on
the Weekend Of Peace and how your organization/location can
participate, contact Abdul Malik Raheem 215.410.2859 email:; or Calvin Johnson 215.738.5181

To join The Coalition, obtain a Pledge of Commitment by sending
request via email or calling 215.387.2734
to request one via traditional mail.

The economy will get worse before it gets better, so The Coalition is
looking to collaborate with all local food banks, organizations and
volunteers to ensure we have the means to identify and distribute
necessities to needy families as the numbers increase. Please contact
us or 215.387.2734

FEMA positions up to six figures available in our online Coalition
Group ongoing updates will be posted as they become available.

One evening, while sitting around the dinner table, a little girl
looked up and asked her father, "Daddy, you're the boss, right?" Her
father was very pleased by this and replied, "Yes." Then, the little
girl continued, "That's because mommy put you in charge, right?"

Look for our new website opening soon!
Coalition members are invited to send us a brief description of your
services for our Community Resources page along with your web link if

You may be receiving this E-newsletter because you were referred to us by a
friend. Please confirm your continued interest in receiving this email from
us, or if this E-news is being forwarded to you, and you wish to be placed
on our mailing list please contact us at:

News From The Coalition, Inc.
"Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration"

*Please share electronically. Help sustain our environment - only print this 
if truly necessary.*

Updated Edition Coming Soon





was the theme of the eighth annual

On Sunday, 22 May 2011 several hundred (nearly a thousand) people participated in a Walking Dialogue among Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, and Others.


In what has become a landmark humanitarian event, empowered by the spirituality and vision of people of faith, walls of madness, greed and bigotry that divide members of the human family from other children of God are being torn down.

(View a
Peacewalk Slideshow.)

Thanks are extended to everyone who participated in the walk, sent prayers and helped out along the way.

Please visit the INTERFAITH WALK FOR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION Web Site and give your feedback.

It will help in plans for future walks!

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Keys to Peace






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