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News  From

The  Coalition, Inc.

Friday 28 October 2011

    “Communication – Cooperation – Collaboration”            Volume  6, Number 13

The Coalition, Inc. Board of Directors

Gary R. Adams (President/CEO), John E. Churchville  (Treasurer), 


Josephine Blow, Stanley Daniels, Quibila Divine, Nijah  Famous, Tom ‘Bunny’ Henry, Lansana Koroma, Abdul Malik Raheem, Lewis  Williams,

Table of content

For Our Children … 02

This Week … 02

Employment and Training Opportunities … 06

Health Matters …06

Green Piece … 07

Grants, Scholarships   & Instruction… 09

SpotLight … 10

Arts for Awareness … 11

Coming Up …11

Computers and Technology … 12

A Hand Up … 14

Word-of-the-Week … 15





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A child who is to be  successful is not reared exclusively on a bed of down. – Ghanaian Proverb




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There  is no security in life.   There is only opportunity.  - Douglas MacArthur




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If you're  not ready to die for it, put the word ''freedom'' out of your vocabulary.”  – Malcolm X



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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and  expecting different results. – Rita Mae Brown




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A tree  never hits an automobile except in self-defense. -- Unknown.





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Presence is  more than just being there. - Malcolm S. Forbes



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How can you be a sage if you're pretty?  You can't get  your wizard papers without wrinkles.  ~Bill Veeck








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Hereeeeeeeeeeeeees...  Kathy’s Korner!


My two daughters were having a discussion about family resemblance.

"I look like Mom," said my nine-year-old, "but I have  Dad's eyes and

Dad's lips."


The six-year-old said, "And I look just like Dad, but I have  light

hair." Then she turned to me. "Mom," she asked,  "what does Dad have

to do with us being born anyway?"


Her older sister jumped right in. "Don't be silly. Dad is the  one who

drove Mom to the hospital."


 (Kathy  Parsons is a regular contributor.)




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The young man knows the rules,  but the old man knows the exceptions.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.




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The  child, offered the mother's breast,
 Will not in the beginning grab it;
 But soon it clings to it with zest.
 And thus at wisdom's copious breasts
 You'll drink each day with greater zest.
 ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe








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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of  itself." - Henry Ford











If you would like to report on a recent community event,  feel free to send us a brief account of what happened in document format, and  we will share it with our readers.

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"The lightning spark of thought generated in  the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind." -- Thomas  Carlyle


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The day after a verdict  had been entered against his client, the lawyer rushes to the judge's chambers,  demanding that the case be reopened.

"I have new evidence that makes a  huge difference in my client's defense."

"What new evidence could you  have?"

"I've learned that my client has  $10,000 that I didn't know about." (thx Tom)




















adumbrate  \AD-uhm-brayt; uh-DUHM-\ To give a  sketchy or slight representation of; to outline; To foreshadow in a vague  way; To suggest, indicate, or disclose partially; To cast a shadow over; to  shade; to obscure.














Greetings Coalition  Family!


As  we watch the tapestry of other governments change, and the U.S. involvement,  have you ever stopped to ask who decides on which side of the conflict our  loved ones are directed to fight? I’m advised by friends in the political  arena and particularly my friends in the business community, “When in doubt,  follow the money trail.” It is painful to think that the lives of our troops  have a dollar value.




“Some things have intrinsic value because they are  essential to human life and comfort… food, clothing, shelter, clean air and  fresh water. Other things have extrinsic value because you are told so… gold,  pearls, rubies, diamonds, etc, To what does it speak of a culture that bases  its economy on shiny stones.” - Madu












 “We  each hold a piece to the puzzle.” – Dr. John Elliott Churchville

“Communicate… Cooperate… Collaborate”


“It is easier to build  children than it is to repair men.”…Frederick Douglass


Cap4Kids  Hint of the Week


Food insecurity, food emergencies, fresh  food options. All pressing concerns for many Philadelphia families. On the website, under the Food/Nutrition  handout (,  we have combined these resources into an easy to read and download document  to help families find food resources in their community. Check it out. Print  it up. Share it.

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The Educational  Advocates Reaching Today’s Hardworking Students, Inc. (EARTHS) announced  that, in conjunction with PARENT POWER, Central North E.P.I.C. Stakeholders,  and Blues Babe Foundation, the

2nd  Annual Parent Appreciation Day event

will be held at the  

C. B. Moore  Recreation Center;

2551 North 22nd  Street (at Huntingdon)

Saturday, October  29, 2011

10:30 am to 2:30  pm.


FREE information  about children’s programs, money management, and parent advocacy will be  available.  Light refreshments will be  served and there will be FREE prizes and give-a-ways.


Parent Appreciation  Day is scheduled early in the school year to show parents/caregivers that  community members care and want to help them obtain the resources needed to  have a successful year.  We are  working with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown’s office to, once again,  have the month of October proclaimed Parent Appreciation Month in  Philadelphia.


Contact:       Quibila  A. Divine



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Philadelphia,  PA- Christians United Against Addictions presents

Addictions  Support Group Training

October  29, 2011 from

10am  to 1pm. 

Why  Not Prosper, Inc. 

717  E. Chelten Avenue,

Philadelphia,  PA 19144 

Some  of the topics include:

What  is Addiction?     Co-Dependency

Steps  to Recovery       Tough Love

Christ  Center Support Groups

How  to Start a Biblical Based Support Group

Registration  is required.  Freewill offering.

Why  Not Prosper, Inc, a faith-based non-profit organization was started by Rev.  Michelle Simmons in 2001.  The mission  of the organization is to help female ex-offenders discover their own  strength by providing them with the support and resources needed to empower  them to become responsible, economically self-sufficient and contributing  members of the community.

Christians  United Against Addiction (CUAA) has for 25 years served the faith-based  community, those caught in addiction and their families. The vision of CUAA  is simply to see those affected by addiction restored to wholeness and  health. Its mission is to equip churches to help individuals and families  achieve recovery through education, training, support groups, and referral  assistance.

Contact:  Christians United Against Addiction

Sherry  Jones at 215-248-0260 or                           

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White House AAPI Initiative Asks

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

To Submit 3-Minute Videos

Highlighting Community's Change Makers

The White House Initiative on Asian  Americans and Pacific Islanders has launched an online video challenge,  asking participants to submit personal stories about people who have had an  impact on the people around them.

The effort, called "What's Your  Story" aims to highlight community service by Asian Americans and  Pacific Islanders whose dedication to a cause has made a difference in their  communities.

Participants are asked to submit a video  describing unique experiences

that have shaped who they are in less than  three minutes.


White House Initiative on Asian Americans  and Pacific Islanders

director Kiran Ahuja said the video  challenge is designed to help

understand more about important issues  facing the community and to

highlight their contributions.


Entries are accepted in any form, including  music video, public

service announcement, short film, video  blog or in an interview

format. Essays will also be accepted in the  place of video entries.

All entries should showcase someone's work  around a specific issue

facing the AAPI community in under three  minutes or with fewer than

1,000 words.


Entries should be submitted online at

by Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011.


A video describing the Initiative?s effort  is available at


A select number of entries will be posted  on the White House website

and a group of exceptional leaders highlighted  will be selected to

attend a White House briefing this fall and  given the opportunity to

share their stories in-person.

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in conjunction with

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month,

will host their

Champions for OPPORTUNITIES fundraiser and  reception,

November 2, 2011 from

5pm to 9pm

At the


3711 Market Street in University City  Science Center.


The evening will be hosted by Philadelphia  native and youth advocate, Dr. Charles (Chuck) William, PhD and 6abc  Lifestyle Writer/Producer Anika Hawkins. Champions for OPPORTUNITIES guests  will be serenaded by the lovely sounds of violinist Jack Drummond. Ticket  purchasing price is $30.00. There will be food, drinks, gift-bags for all  attendees and a fabulous silent auction to accompany the evening’s  festivities. “I am elated about this platform to not only honor those that  have given their time, their talents and their treasure (money), but  selflessly continue to spread the truth about this growing issue that lies  within our communities. Without their help, OPPORTUNITIES-PA would falter,  for that alone I am grateful,” states CEO and Founder Justina Shaw.


Contact Justina Shaw

1207 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Bebashi is pleased to host their first

Pink Playground Fundraiser

an indoor carnival for adults, on

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waterview Lounge

1020 N. Delaware Avenue

Philadelphia, PA.

This exciting and festive event will  include lots of live entertainment, jugglers, magicians, caricature artists,  chair massages, cotton candy, popcorn, soft pretzels, prizes, wine bar and  more. Bebashi will honor advocates and survivors of breast cancer at Pink  Playground.

This year’s award recipients include:

Elaine Groban of Susan G. Komen for the  Cure - Philadelphia Affiliate who will receive the Advocate's Award;

Lorina Marshall Blake will receive the  Survivor's Award; and

Patricia K. Bradley, PhD, RN will receive  the Quality of Life Award.

All funds raised will benefit Bebashi’s,  “Our Bodies” breast health initiative. “Our Bodies” identifies medically  underserved women of color in metropolitan Philadelphia, and links them to  resources that provide breast cancer screening and diagnostic services. “Our  Bodies” educates women on how to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and  refers eligible participants to healthcare facilities and providers for  screenings and tests related to breast health. Women of color are less likely  to get Breast Cancer, but more likely to die from it. An increase in  screenings, can detect abnormalities sooner and potentially save lives.  Tickets may be purchased on-line at or by contacting Bebashi at  215.769.3561 x-140. 

Ticket prices are as follows: Early bird  donation is $55 before October 20th; $65 from October 21st through November  2nd; and $70 at the door. 

About Bebashi: Bebashi was founded in 1985  in response to increasing incidences of HIV/AIDS in the urban community of  Philadelphia, at a time when there were no HIV/AIDS educational programs or  services targeting the African American or other communities of color. Our  mission is to provide culturally sensitive health related information, direct  service, research, and technical assistance to the urban community in the  areas of sexual health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Our  services include: Our Bodies Breast Health Initiative, Prevention Education,  Prevention Counseling and HIV/STI Testing, Syphilis Elimination, Early  Intervention, Medical Case Management, Emergency Food Cupboard, and Support  Groups. Bebashi is a 501©3 non profit organization. 

For more information, please contact Deena  Weems Thornton at Bebashi: Transition to Hope at 215 769-3561 x140 or  

Please visit us on-line at

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FEMA positions up to six  figures available in our online Coalition  Group ongoing updates will be posted as they become available.





Kingsessing Fifth Division Community of  Neighbors







P.O. Box 19974




Gregory R. Benjamin-Chairman

Gilbert Wesley Johnson-Treasure

Phil Hughes-Secretary

Ronald Currie-Sergeant At Arms

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Banana  Peels Can Purify Polluted Drinking Water, Scientists Say

by  Katie  Robbins

Did  you hear the one about the chemist and the banana peel?

 As much as it sounds like one, this isn’t the set-up for a slapstick punch  line. Scientists in Brazil have discovered that banana peels can be used to  clean polluted drinking water, NPR reports.


Gustavo  Castro, an environmental chemist at Sao Paulo State University, suspected  that we might be overlooking valuable properties in the peels. "I have  heard for a long time that we usually throw out the best part of the fruit  and that most of the nutrients and proteins are in parts not used by us, such  as the peels," he told the American Chemical Society in a podcast. "From there,  I decided to make an initial experiment to determine the chemical composition  of the peel."


Castro  found that banana peels contain nitrogen, sulfur, and

carboxylic  acids, which, he noted, bind with positively-charged

heavy  metals often leached into water from mining or industrial runoff. Since many  methods of removing metals from the water are expensive and toxic, Castro  thought he might be on to a more natural method of cleaning drinking water.


He  and his colleagues chopped and dried bits of banana peel and combined them  with water from Brazil's polluted Paraná River.

The  peels stood up to other types of commonly-used filtering

products  like silica and carbon, and scientists found that the peels

could  be used up to 11 times without losing their purifying powers.

And  they were cheap.

"I  was surprised to learn that something so simple could work so well,"  said Castro. "I believe banana peels can be of great importance in

water  purification."

But  one important question remains: With banana skins going to a good cause, what  will pranksters use for a good-old fashioned peel pratfall?

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The Electronic Industries Alliance  provides a list of local electronic recycling facilities, including Philly’s  Northeast Drop-off Center at State Road & Ashburner Street and Northwest  Drop-Off Center at Domino Lane & Umbria Street.
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Recycling Services Inc. in Pottstown takes styrofoam on Saturday  and Tuesday mornings.

For sustainable enterprise go to Green Jobs Philly

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Get Fresh!

Volunteer  with Philabundance Fresh for All

You  recycle out the wazoo and consider yourself

consigliore  of the enviro-sack mafia.

Hence,  a cause you can believe in: Philabundance wants to fill those ubiquitous bags  with produce through its new Fresh for All programs.

And  you can help by volunteering.

The  nonprofit hands out perishables at six sites in the

Delaware  Valley — where nutritious diet staples are hard to come by, especially in  tough times.

With  a minimum three-hour commitment, you’ll keep busy. Help with admin, approve  clients, or do community outreach

(posting  mailings, making phone calls).

Looking  for something physical?

Take  food to sites, divide apples, and dole out the goods. You’ll be doing a major  part to help people get the fruits and veggies they need.

And  that’s a green movement to be proud of.

To  participate in Fresh for All, contact

Tunisia Garnett (215-339-0900 ext.  238 or 

For  more information, go to 






Are you currently in shut off status with  your utility companies?

ACHIEVEability now accepting UESF utility  applications. See flyer attached. Utility Grant Program: Will assist with gas  (PGW), electric (PECO) and water (PWD) accounts in shut off status or already  terminated.  Maximum amount for gas  and electric is $1,500 and water is $500.   All grants must be applied to the utility account and reach a zero  balance.  If the bill is an excess of  the grant the applicant is responsible for the balance at time of their  application.  ELIGIBILITY· Applicant  must have notice from utility company of termination or impeding shut off.·  When LiHeap Cash and Crisis opens, applicant must have notice of award amount  or denial letter.· Applicant must be a Philadelphia resident.· Applicant must  not have received Utility Grant in past 24 months.· Applicant must have  social security cards and 30-day income information for everyone in  household.· Applicant must provide utility bill in their name.· Applicant  must be within the below income guidelines:

House-hold Size           Per  Month

1 person                $1,588

2 persons              $2,145

3 persons              $2,702

4 persons              $3,259

5 persons              $3,816

6 persons                        $4,374

Contact ACHIEVEability’s Community Office  at 215-748-8838 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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LIFT-Philadelphia  sponsors free workshop series for community

LIFT-Philadelphia  is sponsoring a free workshop series starting this October on topics such as  Food and Nutrition, Rock Your Resume, Dental Health and Screening,  Interviewing, Financial Recovery, and Basics of Computer Use.

For  more information:








SpotLight On Our Efforts


The Kingsessing Fifth Division Community of  Neighbors

is a community group, with a core group of  block captains, who have been actively involved in servicing the needs of the  residents in our community.  This year  our organization will be sponsoring our 2nd annual blanket drive to collect  blankets for members of our community.   The name of this project is

“Operation Blank Out the Cold.”  

The goal of this effort is to supply at  least one blanket to the more than one hundred families that will be in need  of such a resource.  The belief of  K5DCN’s is that there are people such as you, your company, churches,  agencies, and other organizations that would be interested in participating  in such a worthy project.  Last year  thanks to many such as yourselves we collected 100 blankets. We know that  because of the high cost of energy, and the financial crisis that our country  continues to experience, our neighbors need our help. Due to health reasons  we request that your donations be new blankets.  K5DCN also knows that it was supporters like you who help us in  September 2011 when we gave away 245 schoolbags full of school supplies.


The dates we will be collecting blankets  are

Saturday November 16, 2011 through Saturday  November 30, 2011. 


The following place is a drop-off point for  your contribution.1216 South 52nd Street (11am-3pm) Monday thru Saturday.  Please call for five blankets or more, we will pick up.

To support this worthy effort contact:





Blankets will be distributed on Saturday  12/03/11 during the

Kingsessing Christmas Service at the

Kingsessing Recreation Center,

located at 49th and Chester Avenue.

Come on out and share the evening.  Festivities start at 3pm.

Thanking you in advance for your attention.  April Turner Co-Coordinator                          Gloria Turner Co-coordinator



Locations for drop-offs:1216 South 52nd  Street (11am-3pm) Monday thru FridayPlease call for five blankets or more, we  will pick up.     

Blankets will be distributed on Saturday  12/03/08 during the Kingsessing Fifth Division Community of  NeighborsChristmas Service at the Kingsessing Recreation Center, located at  49th and Chester Avenue. Come on out and share in the service.  Start time 3PM.



I see little of more importance to the  future of our country and of civilization than full recognition of the place  of the artist. If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set  the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. Pauline Kael


African  American Museum seeks volunteers

The  African American Museum in Philadelphia collects and preserves art and  artifacts and, through exhibitions and programs, interprets the history and  stories of African Americans and those of the African Diaspora.

AAMP  welcomes volunteers primarily for clerical duties, including updating the  website and mailing newsletters. Volunteers for special events are also  welcome.

The  museum offers one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities. Generally,  volunteers work normal business hours on weekdays or weekends, but special  events may take place during the evenings. Although a background check isn’t  necessary, volunteers will be asked for a resume, as well as undergo an  interview.

For  more information, call Cassandra Murray at 215-574-0380 x227

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Jus’  Words at Dowlings Place

1310  No. Broad St. Phila

Every  Thurs. 9pm to 1am

·       Poets

·       Rappers

·       Singers

·       Spoken Word Artists

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New  Philadelphia Non-Profit Hosts 1st Annual Gala Day of Peace

The Women's Solo Project Inc.,

a  newly formed 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, will host their

1st  annual fundraiser to benefit domestic violence prevention.


The  Day of Peace Gala

November  11, 2011

Hilton  Hotel,

4200  City Avenue,

Philadelphia,  Pa 1913


This  major fundraising effort will benefit domestic violence prevention and

self-sufficiency  workshops that focus on education, employment, and

parenting.  The Women's Solo Project has already assisted over 50

women  by inspiring the confidence necessary to recognize their

capacity  for self-reliance while helping them gain the independence

needed  to get out of an abusive relationship

"Domestic  violence has a strong presence and is alive in our communities. We must come  together as unified people to help stop and control it. By creating The  Women's Solo Project, I wanted to bring this issue to the forefront and get  people talking about it. If we continue to let this issue be taboo, then  nothing will get done." says Tyra Wright-Johnson, President and  survivor. The organization's mission and vision stems from Mrs.  Wright-Johnson's personal experience

with  domestic violence.

For  tickets and additional information, visit the website at

About  The Women's Solo Project Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, The Women's Solo  Project, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was established in 2010 with  the mission to serve women and their children by giving them the ability to  become independent and resourceful in making healthy and positive decisions.  TWSP specializes in empowering women and children and teaching victims how to  live free of violence and poverty.


* *  *  Outside PA  *  *  *







Comcast  unveils new plan to combat digital divide

  Comcast has announced that it will begin offering a new  service, Internet  Essentials, in time for the 2011-12 school year.
    This initiative will directly address the major barriers that  many in our communities face for in-home broadband adoption:   affordability and lack of digital literacy.
    In today’s world, it is important for everyone to be digitally  literate.  Broadband adoption is vital for our communities because it  helps improve our children’s education, our local economy, and the ability  for members of our communities to find jobs and benefit from opportunities  available online.
    Comcast Internet Essentials will provide eligible families with:
    -- Affordable home Internet service ($9.95 per month)
    -- A low-cost computer ($149.99 plus taxes)
    -- Access to free internet training – online, in print and in  classroom (at established community training sites)
    Internet Essentials will be available everywhere that Comcast  offers its high-speed Internet service.  Students in more than 4,000  school districts in 39 states and the District of Columbia will be able to  participate.
    Comcast will accept new Internet Essentials participants for at  least three years, through the end of the 2013-14 school year.  Any  household that qualifies during this three-year period will remain eligible  for Internet Essentials, provided the household still qualifies for the  program, until that child graduates from high school.
    For more details, go here.
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Free online journal focuses on technology  for nonprofits
   Technology can help nonprofits create the change they want  to see in

the  world. But even with daily evidence of world-changing innovations

and  applications of technology, it's difficult for nonprofit leaders to

know  how to apply it to their missions.
  NTEN:Change, a free online journal from the

Nonprofit Technology Network,  

provides  the guidance and practical considerations nonprofits need to

make  the sound investments and decisions that will help them meet

their  goals.
    Free subscriptions are available here.

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Group  offers low-cost web access to nonprofits

Mobile  Citizen, a provider of mobile broadband for education and nonprofits, will  offer a Technology Assistance Grant program beginning in January to provide  non-profit organizations with affordable access to the Internet.

Available  only in Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, the grant includes  reduced-price service from Mobile Citizen, with unlimited usage for only  $10/month or $120/year per account.   It bundles Mobile Citizen’s wireless broadband, powered by WiMAX, a  fourth generation (4G) technology from Clearwire Corporation with a variety  of benefits available only to grantees, including:

--  12 months of service from Mobile Citizen extended to 15 months at no  additional charge.  With this,  nonprofits receive three free months of service per account.

--  Dedicated Mobile Citizen Customer Care customized for non-profit  organizations.

--  A free one-year membership to NTEN, a nonprofit technology network, ongoing  information and news as well as access to a support community.

--  A choice of additional benefits including an educational webinar series.

For  more information, email Free  Trial.




"None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves  up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped  us." - Thurgood Marshall


America’s Original Savings Network


As amazing as it may sound many people do not realize how easy it is

to LEGALLY stop paying for their groceries! This is how the one hour

television show began for the company whose website is at:




Q: Are these manufacturer coupons or  coupons that I print on my computer?

A:  All of our coupons are actual manufacturer coupons. Fewer and fewer retailers  accept coupons that are printed from your computer because of a huge increase  in counterfeit coupons. Actual manufacturer coupons which we issue are  accepted everywhere that coupons are accepted.

Q:  Can these coupons be doubled?
 A: Yes. These are manufacturer issued coupons and may be doubled in any store  that offers double coupons.

Q:  What are the face values and the expiration dates of these coupons?
 A: Being manufacturer coupons, the manufactuer determines the face values of  the coupons. We currently stock coupons ranging in value from 40 cents to  5.00 dollars. The coupon expiration dates are generally valid for 90 days.

Q:  How can I use $1,000.00 worth of coupons in 90 days?
 A: With our program, you get to choose the coupons you want, when you want  them. This way you never have to worry about the coupons expiring.

Q: How do I choose the coupons  I want?
 A: Each coupon book contains coupon request slips which you fill out and send  in. Those coupons are then mailed to you.                                           ----- Coalition  members! Activate ‘Your’web link on The Coalition,  Inc. web site -----






Remember to support The Coalition, Inc.’s  on-air personalities…

Please  listen to the "Time For An Awakening" Program with Bro.  Elliott, this and every Sunday at 7 pm. Listen at  Call 215.634.8065 or toll free  1-866-361-0900 to join the discourse!!!!

Sister Phile Chionesu, organizer of the Million Woman March,

“Nu Day Resurrection and Liberation" Show LIVE each Saturday  evening 10:30 PM--12:00 midnight EST.

"NU Day" is heard in  Philly and, worldwide, through the internet at:  Or you can tune in via podcast at 646-652-2232

Call in and give your  thoughts, comments, opinions at 1-646-652-2232 

Or  send an instant message tomwmsistahood@aol.comto chat on line.


**This spot reserved for The  Coalition friend and supporter Jeff Hart**













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