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News  From

The  Coalition, Inc.

Friday 09 December 2011

  “Communication – Cooperation – Collaboration”       

Volume  6, Number 17

The Coalition, Inc. Board of Directors

Gary R. Adams (President/CEO), John E. Churchville  (Treasurer), 


Josephine Blow, Stanley Daniels, Quibila Divine, Nijah  Famous, Tom ‘Bunny’ Henry, Lansana Koroma, Abdul Malik Raheem, Lewis  Williams,

Table of content

For Our Children … 02

This Week … 02

Employment and Training Opportunities … 04

Health Matters …04

Green Piece … 05

Grants, Scholarships   & Instruction… 06

SpotLight … 07

Arts for Awareness … 09

Coming Up …09

Computers and Technology … 13

A Hand Up … 15

Word-of-the-Week … 16





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"To  believe a thing impossible is to make it so." - French Proverb


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One who is too insistent on his  own views finds few to agree with him.
 Lao Tzu



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The years teach much which the days never knew.   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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”Strong-minded,  resolutely-willed, you can create out of nothing a
 great business, a huge empire, a New World! Others have - and
 they have no monopoly.” - Charles Bristol



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"The trouble  with quotes on the Internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or  not they are genuine." - (Abraham Lincoln, 1809 – 1865)




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"One who never  turned his back but marched breast forward, never doubted clouds would break,  Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph," - Robert  Browning



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Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what  I just said.

 When did you first notice this problem?

 What problem?





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Hereeeeeeeeeeeeees...  Kathy’s Korner!


"No woman can  keep a secret."

"I don't know  about that. I've kept my age a secret since I was 21."

"You'll let it  out some day."

"I hardly think  so. When a woman has kept a secret for 27 years,

she can keep it  forever."





VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj.

Female: Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another.

Male: Playing football without a cup.


 (Kathy  Parsons is a regular contributor.)




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"A  timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a  courageous person afterwards." - Jean Paul Richter





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"Discoveries  are often made by not following instructions, by going off the main road, by  trying the untried." - Frank Tyger








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"What if you have failed in the  past? So, at one time did every man
 we recognize as a towering success. They called it "temporary
 defeat." - Napoleon Hill












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The  beaver is very skilled at its craft. It knows exactly what to do to fix a  dam. The last thing it needs is someone on the bank shouting out dam  instructions. - Grant Bright (derived from Ken Blanchard's "Gung  Ho!")




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He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the  direction of wisdom.  ~James Gibbons Huneker





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nuptial \NUHP-shuhl; -chuhl\: Of or pertaining  to marriage; done or used at a wedding; as, "nuptial rites and  ceremonies."; Of, pertaining to, or occurring in the mating season.


Greetings Coalition  Family!


The  traditional holiday season is upon us. This is the time of year that many of  us spend deeply into our projected income to elicit the ooohs and ahhhs of  our loved ones and peers. Merchants begin to prepare 12 months in advance for  this buying season. Make a pledge this season to spend a minimum of 10% of  your budget within in your own community, the results can be phenomenal.




"If everyone is moving forward together, then  success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

















 “We  each hold a piece to the puzzle.” – Dr. John Elliott Churchville

“Communicate… Cooperate… Collaborate”


“It is easier to build  children than it is to repair men.”…Frederick Douglass


Cap4Kids  Hint of the Week


Did you know that preventable injuries and  Sudden Unexplained Infant Death are mostly preventable with certain  precautions? Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics has come up with 2  new recommendations that will continue to protect children from harm.

The first is that children should now be  facing toward the back of a car in an appropriate car seat until 2 years old.

The next is that ALL newborns and infants  should follow these recommendations to reduce SIDS:

Always place your baby on his or her back  for every sleep time.

Always use a firm sleep surface. Car seats  and other sitting devices are not recommended for routine sleep.

The baby should sleep in the same room as  the parents, but not in the same bed (room-sharing without bed-sharing).

Keep soft objects or loose bedding out of  the crib. This includes pillows, blankets, and bumper pads.

Wedges and positioners should not be used.

Pregnant woman should receive regular  prenatal care.

Don’t smoke during pregnancy or after  birth.

Breastfeeding is recommended.

Offer a pacifier at nap time and bedtime.

Avoid covering the infant’s head or  overheating.

Do not use home monitors or commercial  devices marketed to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Infants should receive all recommended  vaccinations.

Supervised, awake tummy time is recommended  daily to facilitate development and minimize the occurrence of positional  plagiocephaly (flat heads).

On the, there  are 2 pages that help providers and families find information of childhood  safety as well as resources in the community.

The Child Safety Tab (  has info on childhood safety, and the Safety Resources handout has listings  of resources in the community to help families protect their loved ones from  preventable injury and death (

Also, please remember to "like"  Cap4Kids Philadelphia on Facebook to spread the word about caring for  children and families in our great town.!/pages/Cap4Kids-Childrens-Advocacy-Project-of-Philadelphia/128539460582710

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School Discipline Advocacy Service (SDAS)  The cross-campus collaboration of Temple University and University of  Pennsylvania Law students. SDAS aims to provide assistance and possibly  representation to public and charter school parents and students in school  discipline hearings. The program includes a telephone messaging service  (215-204-8812) and email address (  that parents and students can contact for resources and support.






The Black Male Development Symposium

will be having it's Kick-Off Reception on

Friday, December 9th from 6-9PM at

Arcadia University in the

Grey Towers Castle.

Please visit our web site  and RSVP via the Evite.

Take care

Dr. Doreen Loury

Executive Director, Black Male Development  Symposium

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FREE  Marriage Conference

This one of  a kind FREE marriage conference scheduled this coming Saturday, we still have  a few spaces available.

Come see  what God has to say about marriage through some dedicated people who are  skilled in marriage.

Recieve  God's word & good fellowship with givaways from Royal Caribbean, Sandals,  CLC Book Store, The Eye institute, Kairi's Travel, Empowerment hour radio,  Relish, Sol...e to Soul, Just to Serve you, Derek's, Philly Platinum Grill,  Cold Stone Creamery, Applause Fashions, Blessings unlimited, Divacoutoure,  Traci Lynn, Meridian Bank, Farmers Insurance, TC Unlimited, The Promise Land,  Pleasure Principle, Pampered Chef and much more!

You don't  want to miss this, come invest in your marriage for FREE!

Bodiee Fellowship Hall
 7811 Ridge Avenue
 Philadelphia, PA 19128

Saturday,  December 10, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (ET)

 SOME VENDOR SPACE IS STILL AVAILABLE!!! Please contact Deidra @610-332-9594.

 If you plan on attending the FREE marriage conference, please register TODAY  as we only have few spaces left. You may register @

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FEMA positions up to six  figures available in our online Coalition  Group ongoing updates will be posted as they become available.





Around 90 percent of  Americans consume caffeine every single day in one form or another.

More than half  of all American adults­ consume more than 300 milligrams (mg) of caffeine  every day, making it America's most popular drug by far.

Caffeine is a natural component of chocolate, coffee and tea, and is used as an  added energy boost in most colas and energy drinks.  It’s also found in diet pills and some over-the-counter pain relievers and  medicines.

Caffeine is known medically as trimethylxanthine, and the chemical  formula is C8H10N4O2. When isolated in pure form, caffeine is a white  crystalline powder that tastes very bitter. The chief source of pure caffeine  is the end result of the process of decaffeinating  coffee and tea.

Medically, caffeine is useful as a cardiac stimulant and also as a mild diuretic - it  increases urine production. Recreationally, it is used to provide a  "boost of energy" or a feeling of heightened alertness. College  students often use it to stay awake while cramming for finals and drivers use  it to push through to their destination. Many people feel as though they  "cannot function" in the morning without a cup of coffee to provide caffeine  and the boost it gives them.

It's important to know that caffeine is an addictive  drug. Among its many actions, it operates using the same mechanisms that  amphetamines, cocaine,  and heroin use to stimulate the brain.  Relatively speaking, caffeine's effects are milder than amphetamines, cocaine  and heroin, but it is manipulating the same channels in the brain, and that  is one of the things that gives caffeine its addictive qualities. If you feel  like you cannot function without it and must consume it every day, then you  may be addicted to caffeine.


Health Benefits of  Caffeine

Caffeine has long been on the list of don'ts for people hoping to lead a  healthy lifestyle. Doctors pointed to caffeine's negative effects on the  nervous system and how it can increase anxiety, stress and food cravings, in  addition to inhibiting sleep. Recent studies, however, have shown that coffee  and caffeine may actually have some significant medical benefits.

There have been more than 19,000 studies on caffeine and coffee in the  past 30 years in an attempt to determine its exact effects on the human body.  One of the most thorough and exhaustive studies was done by Harvard  University, in which they examined 126,000 people over an 18-year period. The  findings indicate that people who drink one to three cups of coffee a day are  up to 9 percent less likely to contract diabetes. What's  interesting is what happened to those who drank six or more cups of coffee  per day - men slashed their chances of contracting diabetes by 54 percent,  and women by 30 percent [source: Kirchheimer].


Other studies have shown similar results in many facets of human health:

  • Regular coffee drinkers are 80 percent less  likely to develop Parkinson's  disease.
  • Two cups a day gives you 20 percent less  risk of colon cancer.  
  • Two cups a day causes an 80 percent drop in  cirrhosis.
  • Two cups a day prevents gallstone  development by 50 percent.
  • It has also shown to be beneficial in  asthma, stopping headaches,  boosting mood and even preventing cavities [source: Kirchheimer].  


Some of these findings may have something to do with other healthful  properties of the coffee bean, but most can be directly linked to caffeine.  Researchers are even developing drugs for Parkinson's disease containing  caffeine derivatives.

Recent studies show caffeine can help fight  disease.

­Another interesting study by The Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Tampa,  Fla., showed that lab mice injected with caffeine were protected against  developing Alzheimer's  disease. The injections even helped reduce symptoms in those that had the  disease. The findings lead doctors to believe that up to five cups of coffee  a day could have the same positive effect on humans [source: Arendash].

Rutgers University carried out a study in July 2007 that showed regular exercise  combined with daily doses of caffeine can increase the destruction of  pre-cancerous skin cells in mice. Once again, the findings have not yet been tested  on humans, but the indication is that it will have similar effects [source: Lu].


One thing is clear -- despite the recent findings, most doctors still  recommend moderation in regard to caffeine intake. While these recent studies  give hope to those who are hooked on their morning cup of joe, there is still  a long way to go to determine the long- term effects of caffeine use.

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Banana  Peels Can Purify Polluted Drinking Water, Scientists Say

by  Katie  Robbins

Did  you hear the one about the chemist and the banana peel?

 As much as it sounds like one, this isn’t the set-up for a slapstick punch  line. Scientists in Brazil have discovered that banana peels can be used to  clean polluted drinking water, NPR reports.


Gustavo  Castro, an environmental chemist at Sao Paulo State University, suspected  that we might be overlooking valuable properties in the peels. "I have  heard for a long time that we usually throw out the best part of the fruit  and that most of the nutrients and proteins are in parts not used by us, such  as the peels," he told the American Chemical Society in a podcast. "From there,  I decided to make an initial experiment to determine the chemical composition  of the peel."


Castro  found that banana peels contain nitrogen, sulfur, and

carboxylic  acids, which, he noted, bind with positively-charged

heavy  metals often leached into water from mining or industrial runoff. Since many  methods of removing metals from the water are expensive and toxic, Castro  thought he might be on to a more natural method of cleaning drinking water.


He  and his colleagues chopped and dried bits of banana peel and combined them  with water from Brazil's polluted Paraná River.

The  peels stood up to other types of commonly-used filtering

products  like silica and carbon, and scientists found that the peels

could  be used up to 11 times without losing their purifying powers.

And  they were cheap.

"I  was surprised to learn that something so simple could work so well,"  said Castro. "I believe banana peels can be of great importance in

water  purification."

But  one important question remains: With banana skins going to a good cause, what  will pranksters use for a good-old fashioned peel pratfall?

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The Electronic Industries Alliance  provides a list of local electronic recycling facilities, including Philly’s  Northeast Drop-off Center at State Road & Ashburner Street and Northwest  Drop-Off Center at Domino Lane & Umbria Street.
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Recycling Services Inc. in Pottstown takes styrofoam on Saturday  and Tuesday mornings.

For sustainable enterprise go to Green Jobs Philly

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Get Fresh!

Volunteer  with Philabundance Fresh for All

You  recycle out the wazoo and consider yourself

consigliore  of the enviro-sack mafia.

Hence,  a cause you can believe in: Philabundance wants to fill those ubiquitous bags  with produce through its new Fresh for All programs.

And  you can help by volunteering.

The  nonprofit hands out perishables at six sites in the

Delaware  Valley — where nutritious diet staples are hard to come by, especially in  tough times.

With  a minimum three-hour commitment, you’ll keep busy. Help with admin, approve  clients, or do community outreach

(posting  mailings, making phone calls).

Looking  for something physical?

Take  food to sites, divide apples, and dole out the goods. You’ll be doing a major  part to help people get the fruits and veggies they need.

And  that’s a green movement to be proud of.

To  participate in Fresh for All, contact

Tunisia Garnett (215-339-0900 ext.  238 or 

For  more information, go to 





Open Society Foundations and Echoing  Green Launch Black Male Achievement Fellowship

NEW YORK - The  Open Society Foundations and Echoing Green announced today a new fellowship  program for individuals dedicated to improving the life outcomes of black  men and boys in the U.S. It is the first fellowship program of its kind  that targets social entrepreneurs who are starting up new organizations in  the field of black male achievement.

"We're  proud to support innovators working to transform the lives of black men and  boys and their communities," said Shawn Dove, Manager of the Open  Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement.  "Historically, black males have been prevented from fully engaging in  American society due to a host of economic, civic, social, and political  barriers. Now for the first time, there's a fellowship program dedicated to  providing creative thinkers the space and support they need to tackle this  complicated and entrenched problem."

The online  application for the Open Society Black Male Achievement Fellowship will be  available on December 5, 2011 and closed on January 9, 2012. It will be  awarded to eight fellows who are generating new ideas and best practices in  the areas of education, family, and work such as initiatives related to  fatherhood, mentoring, college preparatory programs, community-building,  and supportive wage work opportunities. Fellowships will also be awarded  for efforts in the areas of communications and philanthropic leadership.

"The  pioneering efforts of social entrepreneurs have real and long-term systemic  impacts on society," said Cheryl L. Dorsey, President of Echoing  Green. "We're excited to be partners in this new Fellowship program  focused on black male achievement. When all segments of our society  succeed, we can be much more innovative and competitive as a country."

Echoing  Green has run a social entrepreneur fellowship for the past 24 years.  Eighty-five percent of their Fellows remain in the social sector in leadership  positions after their fellowships have ended. Each BMA Fellow will receive  a $70,000 stipend in start-up capital as well as technical assistance over  18 months to help them launch and build their organizations; access to  technical support and pro bono partnerships; community of like-minded  social entrepreneurs and public service leaders; and other benefits.

For  eligibility and application information, go to:

About the Open Society Foundations
 Active in more than 70 countries, the Open Society Foundations work to  build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to  their citizens. Working with local communities, the Open Society  Foundations support justice and human rights, freedom of expression, and  access to public health and education.
About Echoing Green
 Echoing Green unleashes next generation talent to solve the world's biggest  problems. We are a nonprofit social venture fund that identifies, invests  in, and supports some of the world's best emerging social entrepreneurs-society's  change agents. Because we believe human capital is the most important asset  class, and understand the difficulties faced by social innovators who  challenge the status quo with bold ideas for a better world, Echoing Green  invests deeply in these next generation change agents as well as works to  create an ecosystem around them that supports and celebrates social  innovation as a high-impact strategy for social change.
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SpotLight On Our Efforts


Building Your Success Team

By Michael Rice

In America, the first recognized urban  networkers were the founding fathers.   They were a dedicated group of individuals from different walks of  life who were united in purpose and direction. The members included such  colorful individuals as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin (two of  them later them president and one who was ambassador to France, the first  postmaster and associated with the discovery of electricity.  Together they formed a mastermind group  aka success team that created the foundation for the most powerful country in  the world.

As urban networkers they recognized the  power of purpose and teamwork. Today urban networkers also establish success  teams.    These teams consist of  people who share and support each other’s goals and values.  Urban networkers convene their teams on a  regular basis.  The meetings are  formal or informal yet based in trust, honesty and harmony.

The goals of these meetings are to provide  mutual support and encouragement.  The  membership represents different disciplines and even ways of life.  While all the groups have their own unique  identity, they share in their spiritual values.  Everyone in the group believes in the other’s talents and  abilities.  They agree that only way  to truly enjoy success is to work together to achieve it.

“It takes teamwork to make a dream work”

Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,  “describes a success team as something called the Master Mind.  He describes it as the “coordination of  knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for  the attainment of a definite purpose.   No two minds ever come together without thereby, creating a third  invisible intangible force which may be likened to a third mind…. “

Hill compared the human mind to an electric  battery, “.a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of  harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain, just as a group  of batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.”

Herbert Harris, in his book “The Twelve  Universal Laws of Success” calls it the highest and most powerful form of  relationship with other people.   He  describes the mastermind principle:

“The Mastermind is the power source that  creates directs and guides the universal creation.  It is know by many names:   God, First Cause, Supreme Being, Supreme Cause, Universal Force,  etc.  Each of us, every person on the  planet, is an individualized expression of this Master Mind.  We have the God given power to connect  with, and tap into the wisdom, creative genius and power of this Master  Mind…The Mastermind principle embodies the ancient concept that combined  energies , intelligence and power of two or more like minded people , is far  greater than the sum total of their individual energy, intelligence and  power”

Both authors agree that the combined power  of two or more individuals united together and focused on one purpose is an  amazing and unstoppable force.

Want to learn more about how to establish  your own success team and build better mutually beneficial relationships in  your life?

Join us at the monthly Community  Improvement Workshops sponsored by the Coalition and Professional Networking  Associates.  Michael Rice, Lead  Facilitator and CEO for Professional Networking Associates shares principles,  strategies and tactics for the new "Urban Networking" in an ongoing  workshop series.  Call 215-387-2734 or  267-303-0653 for more information

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I see little of more importance to the  future of our country and of civilization than full recognition of the place  of the artist. If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must  set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. Pauline Kael


Poetic Vibez: December 9, 2011 @ The October Gallery,  located 6353 Greene Street. Start time is 8pm, also Free for confirmed  Performing Poets, and $10.00 for guests.


December 16, 2011 @ The October Gallery,  located 6353 Greene Street. Start time is 8pm, also Free for confirmed  Performing Poets, and $10.00 for guests.

December 25, 2011 @ 7165 Lounge, located  7165 Germantown Ave., (the Old North By Northwest.) Start Time 3:30pm. Free  for confirmed Performing Poets, and $10.00 for guests, which includes all U  can Eat Vegan Brunch.

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Jus’  Words at Dowlings Place

1310  No. Broad St. Phila

Every  Thurs. 9pm to 1am

·       Poets

·       Rappers

·       Singers

·       Spoken Word Artists

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With The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The  Merciful

Moorish Unification Council of the World,  Inc.

Presents its

Annual Unity Day Celebration

In Honor of Noble Drew Ali



Community Award Presentations

Speaker: Wesley Wilson-Bey


Sunday January 8, 2011

3:00 – 6:00 P.M.

Kingsessing Recreation Center

49th & Kingsessing Avenue

Philadelphia, PA


More information: Wesley  Wilson-Bey/Chairman 215.476.0280




















* *  *  Outside PA  *  *  *


Root Cause and Open Society Foundations  Campaign for Black Male Achievement to Launch a Leadership and Sustainability  Institute

BOSTON -To bolster the efforts of advocates and organizations

working to improve the life outcomes of black males in the U.S.,

Root Cause and the Open Society Foundations Campaign for

Black Male Achievement are launching a Leadership and

Sustainability Institute. The project is meant to strengthen the

capacity of the campaign's grantees and other nonprofit  organizations working within the field of black male achievement.

"It's going to take decades of effort to make real headway on

the many difficult issues that black men and boys in this country

face so we are acting with the fierce urgency of now," said  Shawn Dove, the Campaign Director of the Campaign for Black Male  Achievement. "We're excited to partner with Root Cause on this  important legacy:

an institute that provides individuals and organizations

working on black males achievement with the tools and

support they need to ensure success."

Black men and boys face major racial disparities, unequal

opportunities, and achievement gaps at nearly every

stage in life including early childhood, primary and secondary

school, college, and employment.

For example, by 2004, 50 percent of black men in their 20s

who lacked a college education were jobless, as were 72 percent

of high school dropouts; 42 percent of all black boys have

failed an entire grade at least once and only 18 percent of

black men ages 20-21 are enrolled in college; the Bureau of

Justice Statistics projected that 28 percent of black males in  America

will serve some time in state or federal prison.

While over the years numerous leaders, advocates and organizations  have

made major strides in improving the life outcomes and achievements  of black men and boys, sustaining a strong and consistent multi-decade  focus on the issue has been a great struggle. An 1995 Urban Institute study  found that of the 51 programs focused on black men and boys surveyed, after  10 years a quarter no longer existed and less than a quarter still  maintained programming focusing on black males. Organizations working in  the black male achievement field have

faced, and continue to face, more obstacles compared to the overall  nonprofit sector including:

The black male achievement field has been plagued by inconsistent  philanthropic support. Organizations often work in isolation from one  another, may be working in segregated neighborhoods, and have lower access  to networks and resources to help grow their impact. Efforts to coordinate  the field are often short term, inconsistent, and unstructured. Available  growth and sustainability resources often lack sufficient cultural context  or focus on organizations working in this field, and those few service  providers that are dedicated to the field are often small, geographically  scattered, have in consistent cash flow, slow growth of impact, and  challenges to sustainability.

About the Open Society Foundations  Campaign for Black Male Achievement
 The Campaign for Black Male Achievement is a multi-issue, cross-fund  strategy to address black men and boys' exclusion from economic, social,  educational, and political life in the United States. The campaign responds  to a growing body of research that reveals the intensification of black  males' negative life outcomes. It builds on U.S. Programs' mission to  support individuals and organizations that nurture the development of a  more democratic, just society, as well as the Open Society Foundations'  expertise and past work to reduce incarceration, promote racial justice,  and support youth engagement and leadership development.

About Root Cause
 Founded in 2004, Root Cause began as a small nonprofit consulting practice  for innovative nonprofits. Since then, Root Cause has grown to become a  nationally recognized organization with 30 team members, an annual budget  of $3 million. Root Cause has developed growth and sustainability plans for  more than 130 nonprofit organizations that have subsequently raised more  than $50 million.

 Media Contact
 Tania Green













Comcast  unveils new plan to combat digital divide

  Comcast has announced that it will begin offering a new  service, Internet  Essentials, in time for the 2011-12 school year.
    This initiative will directly address the major barriers that  many in our communities face for in-home broadband adoption:   affordability and lack of digital literacy.
    In today’s world, it is important for everyone to be digitally  literate.  Broadband adoption is vital for our communities because it  helps improve our children’s education, our local economy, and the ability  for members of our communities to find jobs and benefit from opportunities  available online.
    Comcast Internet Essentials will provide eligible families with:
    -- Affordable home Internet service ($9.95 per month)
    -- A low-cost computer ($149.99 plus taxes)
    -- Access to free internet training – online, in print and in  classroom (at established community training sites)
    Internet Essentials will be available everywhere that Comcast  offers its high-speed Internet service.  Students in more than 4,000  school districts in 39 states and the District of Columbia will be able to  participate.
    Comcast will accept new Internet Essentials participants for at  least three years, through the end of the 2013-14 school year.  Any  household that qualifies during this three-year period will remain eligible  for Internet Essentials, provided the household still qualifies for the  program, until that child graduates from high school.
    For more details, go here.
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Free online journal focuses on technology  for nonprofits
   Technology can help nonprofits create the change they want  to see in

the  world. But even with daily evidence of world-changing innovations

and  applications of technology, it's difficult for nonprofit leaders to

know  how to apply it to their missions.
  NTEN:Change, a free online journal from the

Nonprofit Technology Network,  

provides  the guidance and practical considerations nonprofits need to

make  the sound investments and decisions that will help them meet

their  goals.
    Free subscriptions are available here.

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Group  offers low-cost web access to nonprofits

Mobile  Citizen, a provider of mobile broadband for education and nonprofits, will  offer a Technology Assistance Grant program beginning in January to provide  non-profit organizations with affordable access to the Internet.

Available  only in Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, the grant includes  reduced-price service from Mobile Citizen, with unlimited usage for only  $10/month or $120/year per account.   It bundles Mobile Citizen’s wireless broadband, powered by WiMAX, a  fourth generation (4G) technology from Clearwire Corporation with a variety  of benefits available only to grantees, including:

--  12 months of service from Mobile Citizen extended to 15 months at no  additional charge.  With this,  nonprofits receive three free months of service per account.

--  Dedicated Mobile Citizen Customer Care customized for non-profit  organizations.

--  A free one-year membership to NTEN, a nonprofit technology network, ongoing  information and news as well as access to a support community.

--  A choice of additional benefits including an educational webinar series.

For  more information, email Free  Trial.






"None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves  up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped  us." - Thurgood Marshall


America’s Original Savings Network


As amazing as it may sound many people do not realize how easy it is

to LEGALLY stop paying for their groceries! This is how the one hour

television show began for the company whose website is at:




Q: Are these manufacturer coupons or  coupons that I print on my computer?

A:  All of our coupons are actual manufacturer coupons. Fewer and fewer retailers  accept coupons that are printed from your computer because of a huge increase  in counterfeit coupons. Actual manufacturer coupons which we issue are  accepted everywhere that coupons are accepted.

Q:  Can these coupons be doubled?
 A: Yes. These are manufacturer issued coupons and may be doubled in any store  that offers double coupons.

Q:  What are the face values and the expiration dates of these coupons?
 A: Being manufacturer coupons, the manufactuer determines the face values of  the coupons. We currently stock coupons ranging in value from 40 cents to  5.00 dollars. The coupon expiration dates are generally valid for 90 days.

Q:  How can I use $1,000.00 worth of coupons in 90 days?
 A: With our program, you get to choose the coupons you want, when you want  them. This way you never have to worry about the coupons expiring.

Q: How do I choose the coupons  I want?
 A: Each coupon book contains coupon request slips which you fill out and send  in. Those coupons are then mailed to you.                                           ----- Coalition members!  Activate ‘Your’web link on The Coalition,  Inc. web site -----




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