"We DO have choices!"



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"All media is educational.

The only question is:
'What does it teach?' "

(If you have any doubts, just
watch and listen to your kids!)

- The Editor
Urban Cartographer Online




"Things believed to be real
are real in their consequences."


According to sociologist W. I. Thomas,
"If people define situations as real,
they are real in their consequences."





( " 'Freedom' is NOT Free! " )

"The Siamese twin of freedom
is responsibility.
They're inseparable!"
-- Theo Wilson


"Insanity [is] doing the same thing
over and over again
and expecting different results!"
-- Albert Einstein


"If you always DO
what you always DID,
you will always GET
what you always GOT!"
-- Jackie "Moms" Mabley



The time is long overdue for

Responsibility In Free Speech!



Just because we can
Does not necessarily mean that we should.
We DO have choices
Choices have consequences.

(Deuteronomy 30:19, 15-20) 




"I, for one, believe that if you give people a thorough understanding
of what confronts them
and the basic causes that produce it,
they'll create their own program,
and when the people create a program,
you get action."
-Malcolm X


"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it."

"We must work on . . . attacking the causes and healing the effects."
-Martin Luther King Jr.


"Since we DO have choices,

Please choose wisely!"



"When the student is ready

The teacher will arrive."

- West African proverb

(See also, Hosea 4:6, 1-6
and John 8:32, 30-32)


Welcome to an international resource of tools for educational empowerment.
A 21st Century "Freedom School,"
Urban Cartographer Online





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